It’s hard to believe it’s been thirteen years (in one month at least) since my father died.

I remember the first year, waking up to the thought that I wouldn’t make it until bedtime, simply because I would die from the heartbreak.
The thought of not being able to carry on for anything in the world hung in there for two years.
For the third year I began to think that perhaps it would be possible to heal.
Fourth year I realized I could somehow, through some odd miracle, learn to live without him.

And nine years after that realization I can say that I’m doing good in the matter.

For a while I envied those with a father, but now I don’t even do that anymore.

I have a new father since three years back.
And I guess you lose touch with your parents when you start to think of becoming one yourself.

At least a little.
Or maybe that’s just me…


Always a reblog for this day


Always a reblog for this day

If Jesus got in trouble for claiming to be God’s son, then how is it okay that when referring to humanity you say “God’s Children” and “God’s son’s and daughter’s”? 

And seeing as the Bible was supposedly written 2014 years ago, was that when the religion was “born” or did God get fed up with our shit and decided to tell his son to go down there and tell us that he does, in fact, exist? Like, wouldn’t that be him saying: “Oh me, these humans sure haven’t figured it out yet, I better tell them I created everything so they stop thinking about it, it seems to be straining their brains” 

And why would he do that only 2014 years ago when humanity has existed for way longer than that? 

Idk man, maybe he tried to tell the deer but they just got freaked out when the bushes caught flame.

And he didn’t have much luck with, say, lions… either. So he waited and then he tried to tell us but we were too stupid so he waited even longer and then when we seemed to be at the pinnacle of our non-stupidity he sent his son down to have a little chat?

I love religion, and the fact that almost none of the members of a certain religion ever question it. Like… there’s always SOME question you can ask, SOME fact that doesn’t add up with another. 

So much to learn… 





oh my gosh this would be an adorable au tho

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in Canada they don’t pronounce Z as "zee"

they pronounce it as "zed" and that is crazy to me

it sounds like they made a typo when they invented it

They do that everywhere in the world that’s not America. We do that here in the UK too.
America is weird man.

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my favorite thing about dishonored is admiral havelock telling their trained assassin to go the fuck to bed every night. 

"goodnight, corvo."

"but the sun is still up."


corvo wanders into havelock’s room at midnight

"havelock i can’t sleep"

then the admiral brings him a warm glass of milk and reads him a bedtime story and tucks him into bed


cute date ideas:

  • follow birds around
  • talk to birds
  • draw birds together
  • go to the zoo to look at the birds
  • go shopping and buy shirts with birds on them
  • birds



Sorry, I’m still stuck on that Gordon Ramsay as the Potions Master post.

"We’re going to use fresh, vibrant dragon toenails, locally grown and sustainable."

"You don’t add eye of newt to a room temperature cauldron, you ignorant shit."

"It’s fucking raw!"

This would go great with Bobby Singer, Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

"Here, let me look it up in my How to Sweet-Talk Ukrainian Dragons manual. Oh, wait. No one ever wrote one."

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Sometimes all you need is a second chance … because you weren’t ready for the first one.
— Lessons Learned in Life
Come on, honey, this house is a fresh start for our family!
— White dads in horror stories (via mashamorevna)
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last year one night me and my old roommates were all playing twister and mike was on the spinner and halfway through the game he kind of mumbled to himself “i sure hope im calling these right” and then everyone in the room simultaneously remembered that mike was colorblind

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My friend’s button quail was getting whiny so I gave it company

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gettin real tired of my own bullshit

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Our school has this “Stone Tablet Policy” which basically says that there is no excuse for not turning in your assignments and that you must turn them in even if you have to carve it into a stone tablet.

So this kid carved his 8 page essay about California drug laws into $70 worth of limestone.

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